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so, my first attempt on making movie poster was pretty… nasty?

midnightcall copy

as you can see crystal clearly it was pretty much inspired by the Musical-Movie Les Miserables poster which is awesome (the best was the one with young Cosette, it’s brilliant) But I stuck at the typography. And this is not the photo that suit the concept but fuck with it, I can’t get Sohee to pose for me? Aight?

midnightcallmh copy

this was my second attempt and tragically failed. It;s kinda messy and nasty because not as neat as the Sohee’s version. But I love how Minho’s face glow in here. And it’s hard to find a portrait photo of Minho that depicts intense and dramatic eyes, so like, what to do. But this frame is a not bad even though doesn’t really fit the theme. If you found a great portrait photo of Minho which has the criteria  (intense eyes, dramatic, looking at the camera and no smile) pleas contact me.

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