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I suggest you to listen the song first before reading, it is a really good song–to my opinion at least but some say that I am such a great song picker so whatever. I got the inspiration to write this drabble from the song. Long time no post! Hell YEAH! So, here it is, good sir!

The moment you started to know him was like lightning—it was fast, terrifically fast but it was beautiful, it was like magic.  It is the thing that you’d treasure for the rest of your life. You got to know him fast; you learned his name, his facial features, body features, gestures and all of them in flashlight—yet you still remember them all. It was a pity that flashlight time went by. It was flashlight, after all.

The moment you were so close to him was bright, burning and like a pop of neon color in the middle of pastels. It was a standout and interesting without making it cheesy. Both of you were electrified and burn in something called passion.

Sadly—it was a past.

Whenever you try to remember those moments, you always hoped for another time like that. You hoped something exactly like that. You never lose him, not even in millisecond, you just apart from him. How hard you did try to dodge your mind from him, it was something harder than recognizing a complete stranger you never met and have any clue about the stranger.

You missed it so bad, just enough to make you dying. Stupid, it was so stupid.

You reminisced him and it was easier that one plus one.

You fought him was harder than doing a calculus and the calculus itself was a mess—so right answer wouldn’t be found.

Losing him—oh, you can’t even picture it out.

You missed him, snow, storm, and rain on the same spot.

Finally you heard a door bell. You opened the door. He was there right in front of you. He was there using his thick white and red fabric you knitted that covered his mouth. He was there wearing his ultimate black cashmere coat that smells like rain. He was there with a grin although the panda marks beneath his eyes were obviously visible. He was there; his well-built arm hugged you tight ‘till you found that you were no longer on the ground.

He was there, pulled you into a passionate kiss after all these time.

You pulled out, your eyes were tearing. You looked into him, you were so happy but you were feeling like hitting him thousand times. You did it.

“Minho I hate you! I hate you! You left me, without any kind of farewell. You told me nothing, for that long period of time! I hate you! And I meant it!”

He didn’t do any kind of thing. He just received every punch you made.

You were exhausted from the crying part and the hitting part so you stopped. He pulled you into a hug again. He was kissing the top of your messy head with his lips.

“I’m sorry, I really am,” he said as he nuzzling his pointy nose to your hair.

And yes, no matter how mad you were, the moment you saw him, the moment he touched you, the moment he hugged you, you couldn’t be happier than that.

It was like this: no matter what happened to you two, loving each other was like fire, it was warm, it was great, it was beautiful but it was exciting, dangerous and anything like that.

It is short, what to do, it is drabble! 

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