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Teaser – Someone Like You

uh, well, yeah..

So, have you guys read about the Goojeong High Chronicles? No? Oh, yeah, she hasn’t really published it, but anyway… There will be some basic stories coming up in a very soon moment. Yeah, so, here is, the very basic of the story teaser. 


Life is surely boring. If it’s about bowing and saying polite stuff, I mastered all of them already. For this long, I’ve been thinking I am strong. But, I’ve also been locked up all these years. So tell me, where is my “strong” part?

Tell me, if there is a fun that I have yet not tried? I’ve been looking it up for so many years. I’ve been laughing all these time, in a crowd that I don’t exactly know. They say I’m so happy, but I can’t even give a “smile”. So, where is my “happiness”?

you see the teaser? It is story about Minho and Atha! Yup that Fafacintamakan girl, our so loved Main Author. I made this stuff long-long ago. This was inspired with my brother and Atha’s love story. Yea, It is a bit private and after Ath proofread it, she was acting like hell would break loose if I published it, she still doesn’t know If I’d publish it. She is busy with exam so, well what-so-god-damn-ever. 

Make sure to stay tune. And, I’ll publish it in Indonesian too! 

Manhi-manhi gidaehage seumnida yeoroboon! :))


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