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what he could probably ask (safe ver.)

Title          : What he could probably ask –save version

Author      : imsookbin

Cast         : anyone you generally want (this case I picked Minho), unnamed lucky lady

Genre       : fluff

Length      : one shot


You woke up because of a small chill ran thru your skin. You put up your blanket up to your neck but it wasn’t as warm as before. You decided to get off the blankets and stepped your barefoot to your quite warm slippers. You turned your back, found nothing but crumbled blankets. As that, you thought where in the world your beloved one could be.

Stepping carefully after your room, you saw a slight light. Wondering if he would be there, you took steps to there. It was from the kitchen. Somewhat, the slippers were so uncomfortable so you took it off your foot. You took a few steps and the coldness from the ceramics flooring gave a shock to your nerves; you slipped because of that. You thought that if it wasn’t the flooring, then you would hit the island. But no, you were not even falling. Something caught you. When your head turned up, it was him, your beloved one.

“You’re good?” He asked in worries. You slightly nodded. He lifted you up to the island, just before the sink.

“Why are you here, babe?”

“Just, I couldn’t really sleep,” he replied with smile. You put on a huge o on your face.

In slight curiosity, you asked him again, “and the reason to that is….”

“I was thinking about something.” He didn’t seem really comfortable.

You pulled yourself closer to him. “Somewhat I’m curious. Tell me, would you?”

“No, you don’t want to hear that.”

You put on a cute face, begging him. He finally gave up, “okay babe, just don’t laugh okay?” He pulled out his pinky finger, trying to make an agreement to you.

“You know I can’t lie to myself.” You smiled and put down his pinky.

“I was thinking about tomorrow,” he started, “a tomorrow with you. Like, how we’re going to live. Where it would be; and this and that.” You give him a confused face.

“I want to live with you, tomorrow and eternity after that. We will have a condo or a small house just near the city. I would like to decorate it with you. We will have a space of lawn so you can grow flowers and veggies. Let’s have an Akita dog with a Japanese name too; I would like it to be Akiha maybe? I will take him for a walk every Sunday. When you turned 28, I guess we will have a baby. I want two actually, I want a daughter-son twin or maybe just daughters—you know boys cannot be tamed. I want two! I will teach them all of sports I know a-z without a miss and by that you will prepare some cookies and drinks. We will take a family picnic once in a month and we will pick a movie to watch every Wednesday so we can watch it at Thursday night. We will do that until they are conscious enough that spending night like that is lame and prefer hang out with friends and having a date. The boy can date at the age of ten, the girls, I will say at the age of thirty! When they are married, let’s but a house at the shore from our savings—I haven’t said anything about savings, we will save a lot of money—and making time just for the two of us.”

He seemed really excited. You didn’t want to let out a laugh but you just couldn’t help it. “You’re so cheesy.” He replied your compliment with a small smile.

“I didn’t say those cheesy things for nothing babe,” he caressed your cheek, “wait a second.”

Within less than a second he ran to your bedroom that you shared with him, putting out something from his drawer and came back to you within the speed of light.

“I really meant it; I really want to do those things, with you.”

You say a purple velvet small box. Your eyes were getting huge when he opened the box. A small ring, with the three stones setting sat down at the pillow elegantly, waiting for the perfect finger. You covered your mouth with hands in surprise. You really didn’t have any idea that he would propose to you that –mid—night.

“Marry me,” he took your left hand and placed the ring of your dream on your ring finger, “is this right? Some people said that this finger connect to the heart.” He came up with a grin when you start to cry off your happiness.

“I didn’t expect this at all,” you said something between sobs.

“Me too.”

You looked at his beautiful eyes in confuse. “Yea,” he gave you an explanation, “actually I am going to take you to a beautiful dinner at the shore in Incheon; but after what I said I’m embarrassed and I put all my courage.”

“This is the strangest proposal ever. This is not like what I hope or expected,” you squeezed your hands at his shoulder.

He took your left hand and gave a rub at the back, also didn’t forget to give a little touch to the ring. “What did you hope then?”

“I’m not really sure then, but the ring is a match. Three stones setting,” you gave a huge smile on him, “I didn’t expect the sapphire thou. It’s beautiful.”

“I love you,” he gave you a peck on the lips. Then, he looked deep into your eyes with tenderness but that wasn’t last for long. A smirk came along and he started to kiss you passionately, leaving you almost breathless. You thought your lips were near to swollen by the sudden kiss.

He slipped off some of your hair to the back of your ear. “Don’t you think we should celebrate it?” Then he carried you to the bedroom, slamming you gently to the bed. And the rest are just another thing to say.

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