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Title       : Snow

Cast      : Minho and Unnamed

Genre     : –can not determine yet–

Length    : vignette, drabble

Author    : imsookbin

You can say I am somewhat stalking. I am stalking the girl across this street, by the bus shelter. Even though it is cold and chilly, she ignores them all and focusing on her book. But I guess she is warm enough. I can say she is enjoying the book.

Not so long, she closes her books and looking at the snowing sky. Her eyes seem fascinated it is like glowing. She looks at her across the street and our eyes meet. I am feeling happy for just like less than a second. Then she stares at her cell phone. After that, I know nothing.


This is the third day of the same scene. I watch her by the bus stop across hers. She always carries a book with her to cure her boredom. Now I know that she has a little of her habit during this snowing time, she likes to watch the snow. There she goes; she is watching the snow like a 5 years old kid. She is so cute.

Actually, I know her name and who she is. But then, I don’t have the guts yet to talk to her. We go to the same school and she probably knows my name but, we are somewhat strangers.

Today I have that guts—to talk to her. To make my nervousness lessen, I’m just going to say all my feelings to her, just in one go.

She is reading again, I don’t know if I can distract her.

“Hi, ____,” I am starting.

She looks at me in surprise.

“I like you, and I’ve been watching you lately. Would you be my, girlfriend?”

Her lips parted. I take a step further.

“I,” she says, “I’ve been watching you lately too. I guess I have no other choice.”

And the rest is just history, I guess?

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