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Home is You

Title       : Home is You

Author    : imsookbin

Length    : Drabble,      Vignette

Genre     : angst, sad,

Cast      : Taemin and unnamed

go along song

I see her packing all of her stuffs just put everything she could get to the bag. I don’t want her to leave, I must stop her but I can’t even spit a word to her.

I put up all of my courage, try to convince her to stay, at least to hear the reason why she desperately wants to go. “Why now?”

She stops putting her things. She stares at the window; the scenery is hard-hard rain.

“I can’t” she says.

“Not now, Taemin. There’d be time that you will know, but not now.”

I am confused, so I take a step closer. “Why not?”

She turns her head and I can say she just cry liters of tears. But why? Did she cry because of me? It is formed again, the tears ready to slide down her flushed cheeks. I take a step, until my hand can reach her cheek.

“Why?” Once again I ask her.

She grabs my hand on her cheeks. “Cause, you’re not ready yet.”

She starts to cry even harder. I borrow her chest and I hug her tight. I can say she cries her heart out. I caress her brown hair, calming her down. After a few sobs, she is done. She pulled me further. “I still must leave.”

I stand by the door frame, watching her. She is finished. She gets up and looks at me deeply. This is my last chance to make her stay.

“I’ll send you out. But after that I won’t go back in. ‘Cause I won’t go home without you. ‘Cause for me, home is you.”

She lets her bag fall. Her sore eyes become swell more. The tears start sliding down her flushed cheeks.

“Then, breathe me in, inhale me. Make me part of you, let me flow down your veins,” she runs to me and cry just again. I promise to myself those are the last of her tears of sadness; the others will be hers of joy and happiness.

another epic fail. This is my first solo, and I hope it’s not that bad :P.

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